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Murals Designed and Painted by Bob Henry

Bob Henry is a Muralist, Artist and graphics designer with the expertise as a professional pictorial artist/painter painting murals with HISTORICAL accuracy and Detail.  Bob also DESIGNS and uses techniques such as Faux and Trompe l'Oeil. Many  HISTORICAL murals are PUBLIC ART as well.
WHAT'S NEW?  2010 New WATER TANKS in Kirkland, Lake Stevens, & Kent, WA
WALL GRAPHICS enhance business exterior and attracts attention. 
LIST OF MURALS designed and hand painted by Bob.
View  murals: Movie Room , Music Room , a Nebula Ceiling , and a Mediterranean Bathroom
NURSERY Family Mural


Large CANVAS panels have many uses in homes, businesses and outdoor murals.
Unique and original hand painted murals are now available on framed Canvas systems, which are easily installable, versatile and mobile; custom designed to your desired specifications, motif or atmosphere. See how Bob installs large canvases. This system was designed by Bob Henry.
 Pt. Defiance ZOO & AQUARIUM a four phase mural project in Tacoma, WA. Designed by Bob Henry.
PUBLIC ART includes murals for cities, neighborhoods, these also have elements of the history within those communities. SCHOOLS are also considered public art but are in a category of their own.   Designed by Bob Henry          


Wall graphics for CASINOS, restaurants and general businesses and other COMMERCIAL projects.     

VEHICLES , Airbrushed for City of Tacoma. Designed by Bob Henry.

MENTORING, teaching art students basic  painting techniques. We leave large" business cards" when we attend FESTIVALS and work within the COMMUNITY, allowing the public to paint on our murals.  

REPRODUCTION are sketch accurate reproductions of graphics in larger-than-life scale on commercial  wall graphics, billboards and murals.
MAINTENANCE is an integral part of keeping murals looking fresh we also can offer mural Restoration.
WATER TANKS & TOWERS  No canvas is too large for Bob......
PEOPLE  of significance to clients are added to murals, famous characters and personal .  Designed  by Bob Henry.

BOB HENRY is involved in private, commercial and community  art.  He specializes in painting on Large canvases including water tanks, towers. He has developed  innovative systems to apply murals on canvas for both indoor and outdoor murals and wall graphics. You can also view his RESUME.


This website is designed as a portfolio and contains pages by subject as listed above. Most of the Murals are designed by Bob Henry. For more information please contact us.

Murals by Bob Henry    

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