Trompe l'Oeil
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Murals Designed and Painted by Bob Henry

Trompe-l'oeil -the technique tricking the eye is one of Bob's Specialties including Faux painting

Hallways, Doors, Signs, Bathrooms all painted with the trick of the eye.  Every detail from water trickling down faucets, plants on ridge of wall, to entering bathrooms in search of the showers and bathroom stalls, makes this an interesting place to visit. Located in a nightclub/casino in Mill Creek, WA.
You might find it difficult to find the showers in this men's bathroom without walking into the wall.

Faux Painted Columns Trompe-l'oeil 

From this ^

^To this 

Portion of Mediterranean Mural circa 1800's

Popular Faux Painting from cabinets to whole walls can be painted to look like marble


Murals by Bob Henry    

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