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Murals Designed and Painted by Bob Henry

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium   

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium commissioned Bob Henry to develop a mural series which localized environmental, conservation and recycling concerns, along with alien species introduced into Puget Sound waters that impose grave consequences for local species survival, marine industries and pollution.  In order to depict such a broad spectrum of subjects, Bob proposed and implemented a four phase graphic mural system into the Aquarium main exhibit building.

  Marine Discovery Center  

Detailed view of Tacoma Waterway


Phase 1- Size: 10’ X 36' Phase 1- Size: 10’ X 36' Main Mural...This mural is at the entrance to the aquarium tank area it introduces the viewer to the Tacoma area beginning with Mt. Rainier, it’s forest areas and watershed, then down into the agricultural, industrial, sub-urban and urban areas. The mural then carries on into the Tacoma waterfront illustrating the industries and human activity in and around Puget Sound.  The painting continues forward to a water cut-off line, with indigenous marine life below the water line.


Phase 2: Interactive Lab

This Interactive mural is an educational mural on ecology.  Click hyperlink to see. Named What's Wrong with this picture. 



Alien Invaders

Phase 3 – Size: 9’ X 24’ Alien Invaders...The mural illustrates alien life forms that have been introduced into local waters (Puget Sound) through human activities.  The setting is a generic inter tidal shoreline, with a fresh water stream flowing into the Puget Sound.  Many of the organism’s featured are microscopic in size, so Bob used a “magnifying glass” image to accent them and draw the viewer’s attention to them and informational graphics.

Shoreline Habitats

Phase 4 – 6 panels Size: 4’ x 8’ Shoreline Habitats (3 of 6)Panels were painted to illustrate the various, diverse habitats of Puget Sound’s shorelines, to include saltwater marsh, sandy, rocky, muddy, piers and wharfs to reclaimed (manmade) tide pool area’s.   These murals were installed above the main aquarium.


Murals by Bob Henry    

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