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Murals Designed and Painted by Bob Henry

"Some Have Fallen"

Overall theme (Ghost Riders by Mann) exchanging and rearranging this famous painting adding the owners face to the rider. This small  mural  in Sir C Tavern in Tacoma, with 3 fallen brothers images superimposed Onto scene w/Sir-Cs logo on bike tank.  Size: 5' x 10' Located: South Tacoma Way


This mural was designed to add beauty to a room, business or private home. Painted on vinyl canvas framed with wood. "Koi" is painted in oils with copper, pearl essence, and gold leaf on fish scales giving the painting a three dimensional and active presentation.  Size:  55H x 9W  Sold to private party.


But I dont have and oceanfront view 

Originally designed to be viewed through windows facing a sheet rocked wall, Bob has loaned this painting out for private use and for photography backgrounds.   Size: 2 panels 16 x 6 Currently in Bob's home.

Hanging Large Outdoor Canvas Murals

Above pictures show how large canvases are attached to wooden framed walls fabricated and attached to the buildings.    These murals are painted on special outdoor vinyl canvas. The vinyl canvas system makes this mural mobile in event of reconstruction or relocation. The above murals are as large as 14' x 60'. Many more murals on this web page are on canvas.

 Vinyl Canvas can be used for murals, banners, Kiosks, etc....

Banner with blank white caption area. 6'x6'

 Banner "Lamb of God"  6'x10'


Murals by Bob Henry    

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