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Murals Designed and Painted by Bob Henry

   Silver Dollar Casino       

      Sea-Tac Silver Dollar Entryway                                         Mountlake Terrace Entryway

Bob has painted many murals throughout the Silver Dollar Casinos using this same theme, for pictures of the interior see Trompe l'Oeil.

 Mural Size: 10'H x 30'W In Tacoma on Hosmer & 84th

Everett Entryway

       "Big Apple Casino"                                       Everett, WA             

Client wanted a New York theme, using the name "Big Apple Casino". Bob designed and painted the walls  with bright colorful cityscape using fluorescent colorings and adding historical characters (the Marx Brothers) (Babe Ruth) and pictures of the past (Time Square 1928) and more; to indicate NY City's past and present.  The world trade tower existed at the time. The Brooklyn Bridge, Camel billboard, and  Marylyn Monroe add character to this New York theme. Throughout the casino Faux marble was added. Over mural 4800 sq. ft. mural 18 H. 

                 Gone but not forgotten

<Close up of >


This mural was covered over after the Muckleshoot casino  was expanded, the fauna was used originally to give this entrance an appealing tropical look when it was first built and foliage had not yet grown.

Murals by Bob Henry    

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