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Murals Designed and Painted by Bob Henry


          Bull's Eye Shooter Supply  -   414 Puyallup Ave.   - Tacoma, WA

The client desired an atypical (of the Pacific Northwest) outdoor nature theme.  A new logo was developed from the Cape Buffalo that is predominant in this highly detailed African Panoramic scene.  The Cape Buffalo is painted on ¾ M.D.O. exterior dura-ply wood and is cut out to overall shape and mounted to a corrugated metal wall.  The width of the horns on the head is 20’.  The “eye-piece” on the left eye of the buffalo is .250” clear Lexan polycarbonate material, as it the snorted breath coming from the nostrils.  The application of the Lexan pieces and the cutout headpiece certainly, adds dimension and perspective to the entire mural.  Size: 18’H x 75’W

Andiamo "Let's Go"               84th & Hosmer, Tacoma, WA

Background is a rendering of the Italian seaside Portifino, Italy.  Omitting the modern watercraft and inserting gondolas, water taxies and local fishing craft Bob created this Italian scene of an earlier era.  The view through the marble columns and across the seawall courtyard brings fresh sea breezes and a feeling of actual presence of and authentic open air Italian restaurant. The mural’s background and columns depict the typical Italian architectural design used for centuries.  Within the mural, Bob positioned persons of interest to the restaurant, i.e.: owners, chefs, famous rock band, etc. to give it a personal touch. In the left corner is the owner, Tim and the far right the "Ventures" , Tim's father is the guitarist. See Tim on the PEOPLE page. Size:  6’H x 30’ (2 sections shown above)

“Breath of Fresh Air”    Olympic Women Health Spa, Tacoma, WA

The client wanted a mural for a women’s health spa's lounge and exercise room.  The murals design is a simple, soothing seascape so that the viewer feels she is standing on the patio catching the cool sea breeze.

  Size: 9’H x 22’W


Murals by Bob Henry    

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