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Murals Designed and Painted by Bob Henry

Bob's attitude for public art is that which involves public input and involvement. 

Donated to Eatonville

At the Eatonville's three day "Lions Annual Art Festival"  Bob demonstrates mural painting and donated this mural to the city.  The community was invited to paint flowers on the mural.
Community involvement.






Painting flowers on the mural gives ownership to the community.

Summer Festival

Flowers painted by Tacoma Community

On the corner of Sixth Avenue & Anderson the community takes part in painting flowers on the mural. We found out that what we learned in Kindergarten stays with us throughout our lives. 

(see mural Public Art) 

Auburn Community Clean-up

This old building sat on Auburn Way and became an eye sore for the community. The City of Auburn partnered with Auburn Chamber of Commerce and hired Bob to mentor middle school students to paint 8 panels (4'x 8') to add to the top of the building. Bob suggested a train theme, since rail was an integral part of Auburnís economic history in  relation to the Pacific Northwestís growth and development. Bob suggested painting the background of the building,    to localize itís recognition and relationship to the community by using Mt. Rainier which can be seen from the Auburn Valley. Bob drew out the design and instructed community volunteers in painting and installation of the panels. The corner is now a place in which the community is proud to have been partners in itís beautification.

Murals by Bob Henry    

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