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Murals Designed and Painted by Bob Henry

"Artapaloosa"  Designed for Satsop Music Venue

Digitally applied design

Original design

Close up 

Custom Designs by Bob Henry are available.  Bob has the unusual talent to listen to clients then develop their ideas into applicable concepts.  Bob was asked to design something large that could be seen form miles away and identifiable, specific to the Pacific NW.  Since this tower was to be 70 stories high, Bob created a simple Design using Indian symbols of an Orcas whale jumping out of the water, the bubble were to be mini murals, though some at least 50', in comparison to the rest of the tower could be considered small.  The idea was to sell the bubbles for sponsorship to help fund this project.  Unfortunately, the county, decided not to sell the tower.

Logo Change

< From this to this >

Bob took this goat in a chinaman's hat logo and created the look of a real Cape buffalo.  The logo was first designed then the mural was painted using the enhanced logo.  See Bull's Eye.

Casino Table Cover Designs

Designed for Sacramento, using familiar elements.

Murals by Bob Henry    

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