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Murals Designed and Painted by Bob Henry

Doing Business in Fern Hill       83rd & Park, Tacoma, WA

Size: 8' x 24' on canvas to wooden wall frame
CLICK for DETAILS Bob recently hung this historical mural in the Fern Hill neighborhood in Tacoma, WA.  The scene is early 1900's, when this area was growing.  Above shows a local food distributor delivering groceries to a store.  The busy store with people waiting for the new trolley. Fern Hill gave birth to Dennison's chili. See close up Details
Bob's details can be seen in these close-ups


  Old Town Tacoma a History

North 30th and Carr, Tacoma

Depiction of Historical Commencement Bay Tacoma circa early 1900’s with three detailed oval embellishments of the industry of the time.  Within the mural are local people and places familiar to the neighborhood, i.e. first church in Tacoma, first shipyards.  Researched to make this mural historically correct.

 Size: 25' H x 45' W

Medium: Oil/Enamel on shingle siding

Replication of photograph of the first steam locomotive engine working in the area.  Size: Ovals are 7' W x 12' H

The lumber (taken from old photograph) and fishing industry (Bob's depiction). Size: Ovals are 7' W x 12' H

“Into the Future…Out of the Past?”

Meridian & Main, Puyallup,

Taking an old photo circa early 1900’s of a man riding his bicycle downtown Puyallup.  Painted in the negative and monochromatically gives the sky a brown coloring and the dark colors a pale yellow.  The existing "Charlie's" sign was  incorporated into the mural to bring life to this surrealistic painting. Size: 52’ x 24’ on brick wall in artists oil/enamels.  

            Logging in Puyallup,  Washington Down town Puyallup on Meridian

Puyallup, Washington is being covered with murals. This logging scene depicts an integral part of the local industry circa early 1900's. 

 Size: 14' H by 60' W  - Vinyl canvas mounted on a wood frame and backing for installation on brick wall outdoors.   




Murals by Bob Henry    

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