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Murals Designed and Painted by Bob Henry

As a master craftsman in visual art, Bob enjoys mentoring 

Bob mentored art students at the mural  "A Dream Coming True"


Nick a senior in High School replicates this Jamaican wedding.

Wood embellishments were added to give a three dimensional look to an otherwise flat surface.


Working together to finish the mural embellishments at the annual "Music and Murals" in the Park.


Bob's Largest Mentoring Program to date includes AmeriCorps & City of Federal Way Leadership Program that produced a mural which became the cities first Mural Art 


Ice Cream Break>

The AmeriCorps volunteers working in Federal Way, a group of 50 in total, collaborated with Advancing Leadership of Federal Way and Bob as mentor for completion of this mural project.  They  participated in the areas of design concept, public relations, materials, community involvement, and the painting process.  Above left the painting. Right the break.  The group completed the first half of the mural in 2 weeks.  Bob mentored them in painting techniques, painting,  keeping the mural as true to their art as possible.
<Building a Wall

Hanging the mural>


Mural completed, the canvas framing (fabricated wall) on which the mural is fastened was built on site two days before the Festival dedicating the mural to the community of Federal Way.  Next, the mural was hung and covered until the festival.

<Unveiling the mural at Festival

Students designed a smaller mural for the community to paint>

At this Community Festival the mural was unveiled to the public.  Above right, students designed a mini mural that represented the larger one again using their art.  AmeriCorps students were responsible for helping others to paint this mural.  It was a great experience, working with such wonderful people.  

Bob mentoring  art student in Puyallup

Micaiah gets his first lesson in using artists oils on this mural.

"Into the Future...Out of the Past" 

Logging in Puyallup

Crystal in the studio getting started. Crystal Mahre paints a horse. Bob gives Crystal a few pointers. 
This was Crystal's Senior year project in which she received the highest reward for her involvement.

  "Color My World"  

Joshua, a serious Junior High art student worked diligently and faithfully on this.
Art designed by 5th and 6th grade students, this mural was part of a mentoring program which Bob taught painting techniques of taking art and painting it large.  Size: 9H x 23W  Located at 38th & McKinley Ave., Tacoma, WA  

Murals by Bob Henry    

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