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Murals Designed and Painted by Bob Henry

A McKinley Welcome

Located on the wall of RJ Auto Rebuild on the corner of 34th & McKinley, this mural was design to welcome visitors to the neighborhood. Using the past and progressing to the modern, faces of the owner and friends, Mt. Rainer and the 34th Street bridge which bridges two canvases 8' x 20' into this welcoming, warm mural. See close up Vehicles

     "A Dream Coming True"      9th & MLK Jr. Way, Hilltop         Tacoma, WA  

Bob was commissioned to design, paint and install a mural depicting the diverse multi-ethnic and multi-cultural   characteristics of the Hilltop community in Tacoma.   A depiction of Martin Luther King Jr. became a key attraction within this neighborhood.  The artwork contributed by local artist as well as pictures of historical buildings, news clippings, from books and magazines were arranged to meld the multi-cultural representations into a single, unified exhibition.  Along with painted wood embellishments, the vinyl canvas makes this mural mobile in event of relocation or reconstruction.  This mural expresses Martin Luther King JR’s (Painted mono-chromatically) over  seeing Tacoma as it is today; which may be what  Martin Luther King Jr. could have envisioned. Size:  12’H x 40’  

 See CANVAS for hanging.                         See MENTORING for those who helped with embellishments.



Willis Tucker Community  Spray Park  Snohomish, WA

The park associates wanted a mural painted onto the pump house (two walls measuring 10' x 12' x 8' H) to enhance the theme of this  Children's Spray  (Water) Park.  Bob suggested bubbles.  They like it so well they had Bob paint bubbles on the 3500 sq. ft. cement pad. (Below)

Using a special paint designed for cement, Bob painted bubbles throughout the cement splash pad.

  6th and Anderson    Tacoma, WA

Public Art can be shared by and with those within a community, the flowers in this mural were painted during the annual art festival. (see close up) 

A faux artisan court, with owner standing in the doorway holding the bust of her husband’s head,

Two additional panels


                  "Growing up Educated"                           12th & MLK Jr. Way   Tacoma

This mural shows a child’s growth to adult using a rainbow (clients logo colors) with Tacoma skyline in monochromatic coloring matching rainbow. The brick wall signifies a wall between success with out an education.  As the child grows into womanhood she sees success when the graduation caps finally fits.  Size: 6’ x 24’ on canvas with wood frame


Murals by Bob Henry    

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