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Murals Designed and Painted by Bob Henry


Murals Designed by Bob

12x 20   Tropical plants, 8 panels outside, Auburn, WA

18x 75   African Savanna Scene located at 4th & Puyallup Ave, Tacoma, WA

10x 40   Mediterranean circa 1800s scene, pool wall, private home, Tacoma, WA

  9x 23   Ocean/Patio view, Health spa on South Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA

10x 80   Tropical Island bowling alley two Walls, in Des Moines, WA

12x 40   Upper Tacoma Multi-Cultural mural, 9th & MLK Jr. Way, Tacoma, WA

25x 45   Old Town Tacoma circa 1900 historical on 30th & Carr, Tacoma, WA

  5x 16   Annie Wright School gymnasiums, Three different sizes and forms, Tacoma, WA

10x 16   Narrows View Intermediate, Two murals on canvas, University Place, WA  

  6x 30   Andiamo Ristorante Italiano, Portifino View Italy, Tacoma, WA

10x 30   Silver Dollar, Bright ocean view, Tacoma & Mountlake Terrace, WA

  6x 24   Safe Homes, Child growing into woman, Tacoma, WA

  5x 10   Wrap-around mural on van side &  back, Enviro Challenger, Tacoma, WA

5 panel   Sixth Avenue, A faux artisan court, 6th & Anderson, Tacoma, WA

4000+      Big Apple @ Club Broadway, includes faux painting, Everett, WA 

10x 30   Silver Dollar, Fire Dancers, Tacoma, WA

  5x 10   Wrap-around mural truck &  canopy, Tacoma-Pierce County Health Dept., Tacoma, WA

24x 52   Historical Puyallup, Main & Meridian, Puyallup, WA

10x 29   Pt. Defiance Aquarium Zoo, City of Tacoma & underwater Scene, Tacoma, WA

60x 14   Logging in Puyallup, Meridian & 7th Puyallup, WA

4'x 20'    Silver Dollar Mountlake Terrace, WA Florescent Sunset with palm trees

 4'x 16'    Silver Dollar Sea-Tac, WA, Florescent Sunset with palm trees

Tank       Redmond Ridge, Redmond WA

10x 32   Spirits of Tahoma, On MLK Way, Tacoma, WA 

3 rooms  Silver Dollar Casino, Everett, WA 

3 panels  Cougar Mt. Middle School, Spanaway, WA 

2 rooms   Silver Dollar Casino, Tacoma, WA 

10' x 40'   McKinley Neighborhood, Tacoma WA 

10x 30   Silver Dollar, Redmond, WA 

2000 s.f.   Silver Dollar, Mill Creek, WA 

12' x 48'   Federal Way Public Artworks, Americorp & Business Community, Federal Way, WA

Tank       Black Diamond, WA

Tanks      3 tanks throughout,  Redmond, WA,  repainting Water Towers project

Tank       Marysville, WA

4 murals Private Home, Spanaway, WA 

8' x 24'    Fern Hill, Tacoma, WA  83rd & Park, historical

10'x 20'    Bubbles on water pump, Willis Tucker Spray Park, Snohomish, WA

Flooring  Painted bubbles on cement, Willis Tucker Spray Park, Snohomish

Tank       Soos Creek, Kent, WA

Tank       Hillcrest Reservoir #2, Silver Lake, Snohomish, WA

Tank       Kirkland North Reservoir, Kirkland, WA

Tank       Kent East Hill #111, Kent, WA




Thirty years experience in graphics, sign and commercial painting, Specialize in high-pictorial painting, murals especially large-scale projects.  Expert in water and oil-based enamels, acrylics, lacquers, hand lettering, faux painting and color mixing.  Hand painting is a specialty.  Paint on any surface metal, brick, cement, wood, etc.


Design and Layout

Fully qualified in concept and application of scale and architectural plan reading, composition and detail.  Organize and design many large-scale projects. Pattern making skills and equipment.


Basic construction/Fabrication

Sign cabinets from wood, concrete, metal and plastic.  Billboard structures used on mural canvas and architectural signs.


Brush Lettering

Achieved over eighteen  years as a Journeyman sign painter with complete knowledge of types of brushes and rollers.  Use a variety of media to express complex ideas.


Spray Painting

          Adept at every form of spray painting, including the use of most types of Airless sprayers 

          compressors and paint pot sprayers, detailing guns and Airbrushing.     

Professional House Painting-When Bob isn't painting murals, he paints houses


Murals by Bob Henry    

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