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Murals Designed and Painted by Bob Henry

   "A Trek Through Bethel"  Cougar Mountain Junior High School  

 Art In Public Places    Washington State Arts Commission Project

The entire mural is (cutout) and consists of three (3) major panels. The sky is blended into background wall colors with light airy clouds.  There are three (2) elements that are cutouts and suspended on the background wall, representing the Boeing and military influence within the community and the bald eagle signifying our nation’s patriotism.  The characters represented through out the mural will be representative of the diverse ethnicities and cultures of this area. Overall mural size is 10 ˝’ High by 38’ Wide

Right & Center Walls

"Cougar Pride" represented by Mother and kittens

Mrs. Bethel  (in Spirit form) pointing to build the school here. The the Bethel school system is named after her.  She Pioneered the way. Art Crate (also Spirit form) and his family donated the land for Cougar Mt. He is waving to "Come go forward"

Annie Wright School           Tacoma, WA

Bob designed three murals for two gymnasiums representing the athletic activities within Annie Wright School.  In the elementary gym a younger co-ed group of children were represented.  In the larger “Kemper” gym (above), two murals of like design depicts the elements of the female athletics program including some of the sports activities, such as rowing, sprinting, volleyball, and baseball at the high school level. Annie Wright School desired to use their school colors of blue and gold for their gymnasiums to add character and a new spirit to the school by modernizing a long time, stoic, conservative appearance.  Using the school colors along with the letters AWS, a  5’ three color wrap around graphic striping accented and encompassed the entire arena. Used Color-flex acrylic paint by Triangle Coatings.  Murals measure:  5'H x 11' W

              "Night Hawk Protection"                               Narrows View Intermediate School  

Narrows View Intermediate School had an open gym/lunchroom/multi-purpose room in which, they desired to have two murals to promote school spirit and academics excellence.  This 2 story opened space with slanted walls required Bob to paint the two mural on canvas using wood framing.  Their school colors were teal, black and silver with a “Nighthawk” mascot. Bob integrated the letters NVI, overlaid with a created nighthawk overlaid with a view of the Narrows Bridge.  Hence this flat surface has three images within it, as in a double or triple photography.  The second mural on the opposite wall demonstrates a large nighthawk spreading its wings encompassing multi-ethnic children involved in the academic achievements, community activities, school spirit and patriotism.  

Size: 10’H x 16’H-Two Designs on canvas with Artists Oils  

 Located in University  Place,  WA.



"Color My World"    38th and McKinley Ave.     Tacoma. WA              

Art design by 5th and 6th grade students, this mural was part of a Mentoring program which Bob taught painting techniques of taking art and painting it to a large scale.  Size: 9’H x 23’W

                            "Wilson Rams"                                

Bob was commissioned by the West End Neighborhood Council in Tacoma to reproduce the students artwork from an art contest with the theme of the Narrows Bridge and Wilson Ram.  Bob painted two , below is the first place  mural in installed at  Wilson High School.  Size: 14' x 28'. For the second place art (see reproductions) 

Bob added a Ram to the original artwork to represent  Wilson High School's mascot. 


Murals by Bob Henry    

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