Water Tanks
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Murals Designed and Painted by Bob Henry

With suburban growth, neighborhoods look for alternatives for beautifying their environment.  A painted water tower satisfies one of the many challenges. 

Bob hangs out in High Places, swing stages, lifts, and scaffolding.        Kent Tank seen below

NEW IN 2010

Kent East Hill #111 designed with trees higher up to be viewed at a distant.

2009 Redmond Three Tank Project

Redmond Education Hill 2MG & 3MG tanks.

Two water tanks surrounded by scaffolding painted at separate times both needed to be performed in cold and wet weather conditions and pressing deadlines, requiring the necessity of complete surround scaffolding and plastic sheeting containment, which was designed and installed by Coatings Unlimited. All painted graphics were performed inside the contained work areas.

  2MG Water Reservoir  66 HI x 70 Dia                                                      3 MG water reservoir  70 HI X 86 Dia  


Soos Creek, Kent, WA 

125 HI X 66 Dia 

Black Diamond Water Tank


Located in Black Diamond, WA, this water tank has both evergreens using basic 3 color scheme and local deciduous trees by adding 2 extra colors, to enhance the view for neighbors living close to the tank. Size: 73' H x 102 Dia.

Marysville, WA Water Tower

Tank size: 65 HI  x 89' Dia


Redmond Ridge  

Redmond, WA


Murals by Bob Henry    

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